5 Common Mistakes Newbies Make When Hitting Wooden Clubs

5 Common Mistakes Newbies Make When Hitting Wooden Clubs

If you are a beginner in golf and you can hit the wooden clubs properly then we can help you identify your problem. AllTimesGolf.com have discussed different mistakes that new golfers make while hitting the clubs.

So, stick to this article to find out, if you are doing anything from the mistakes we have mentioned.


For beginner golf players, it is really hard to hit the wooden clubs, and they think that they can’t hit the club. Even when a newbie practices a lot, he could not hit the club properly. 

Keeping in mind these things, we have identified the newbies’ mistakes when hitting a wooden golf club.

1. Wrong Grip

The first common mistake that beginners make when making the wooden club is that you don’t have the right grip.

Yes, grip matters a lot when it comes to golf. If you do not have the right grip, you can not get the right shot. So, if you want to learn about gripping the stick, you can learn it from the internet or your mentor that teaches you golf.

Try hitting the wooden club with different grips and angles. Eventually, you will get your flow as hitting fairway woods for beginners, anyone. The grip is the most important aspect.

2. Practice

The second thing that a newbie should know is golfing of any other sport; you need; you’ve time to that particular sport.

You can grab tick, and this is how to hit 3-wood off the fairway. The only thing that can make you the best golfer is...

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

If you are serious about golfing, you should get some time from your busy schedule. Nobody becomes the best overnight, and there is no magic spell to success!

3. Using Wrong Accessories

A man is holding a golf club

You must be using the wrong accessories! 

Maybe you don’t have the right one. Maybe there is another issue. You should get a golf stick of your compatibility; if you are too tall, you will need a different stick. 

Teenagers need different golf accessories if they are a woman or a teenager.

You can not play with the wrong stick. You should search online about different Fairway sticks and find the one that matches your height. 

They offer types of golf clubs set for different types of people.

So, you should get the best for yourself, and by best I didn’t mean the most expensive, it means the one that fits your hands and height.

4. Bad Balance and Concentration

Here is a most important thing when hitting fairway woods for beginners, When hitting a wooden club in golf, you need great balance and concentration. Maybe once that does allows you to hit the wooden clubs. It would help if you worked on your balance, and again it comes from Practice. You can start meditating to improve your concentration power. If you have good content, you should check if your balance is not good. Whatever the problem is, identify it and start working on it!

5. Having a Bad Mentor!

If you didn’t know about these things before probably have a bad mentor who teaches you nothing.

It would help if you got a mentor worth your money and time. You should not just give away money for learning absolutely nothing!

And if you don’t have one, your haven, you should get one to teach you. If you can’t afford to pay a mentor, don’t worry. There are many Pro mentors of golf that teach you online.

You can get a lot of information from the internet about golfing. You can watch videos on you. There are hundreds of them. 

And the best thing is they charge you nothing!

If you practice regularly and get info online about golf, you can still become a nice golf player; you don’t have to waste money on bad teachers.

And if you do spend money on mentors, then spend it wisely!


In this blog article, we have underlined the 5 mistakes that newbies make while hitting wooden clubs. As we have cleared Mistakes, Newbies Make When Hitting Wooden Clubs.

These mistakes include bad balancing and concentration. If you don’t have a nice balance, you can’t hit the club properly.

The next mistake is choosing the wrong stick and other accessories. You should get accessories according to your height and some other factors.

The last mistake that new golfers make is paying for bad mentorship. You should avoid bad teachers, and if you don’t have enough money for that, you can learn to golf online.

So, this was the blog on the top 5 mistakes that golfers maker that lead to bad golfing. We hope that this was helpful for you. 

Follow these instructions properly, and you will see great results!