5 Most Highlighted Professional Golf Tournaments In The World

5 Most Highlighted Professional Golf Tournaments In The World

Golf, amongst one of the most popular sports, is a cross-country game in which the player uses various clubs to strike a small ball from teeing ground also known as starting points. The winner is determined by whoever manages to hole their ball in the fewest strokes. For such a popular game, where and how the game originated is unclear although it is speculated that it has first been played in the Netherlands and then in Scotland.

Golf has two sets of plays: match play and stroke play. Matchplay translates into each hole being a separate contest in and of itself, and stroke play on the other hand is where the lowest total score deems one a winner. The rules of the game state that 14 clubs as being the upper limit that can be carried and the player whose ball is furthest from the hole is the one who goes first. Another rule is that one can only play their ball as it is, which means that while one can remove artificial objects and items such as leaves and debris out of the way and demands out of its players a high degree of skill that is built on a foundation of immense patience and dedication.

Most Important Professional Golf Tournaments in the World

Since golf has been one of the prominent sports it has related to it many tours, tournaments, famed golf players, the following are some of the most important professional golf tournaments in the World:

  1. The Masters Tournament

Established in 1943, one of the four majors and the youngest of them, the Masters Tournament is held at the same venue each year and is the only major that does so. Taking place in Georgia, the United States at Augusta National Golf Club, it is usually held in the first week of April.  A game tradition since1949 has been that the winner has been awarded a green jacket, which one can retain as their personal property and can store in a designated cloakroom at the clubhouse. $11.5 million is the total prize fund and in 2020Dustin Johnson won $2.07 million thereby also setting a record score of 268.

  1. PGA Championship

Since the May of 2019, the priorly held in August, the PGA championship now occurs the weekend before Memorial Day. It was founded in 1916 and is the only major golf tournament exclusive to professional players. Additionally, it also guarantees that the winner is entitled to a number of perks, one of the biggest and most prominent being automatic entry to the other three majors. Although it is usually played on the east coast, the venues do change throughout the States every year. The 2020 PGA Championship took place in San Francisco at TPC Harding Park, this was the first time the championship was played on the west coast for the first time in more than two decades. Collin Morikawa bagged the position of the winner and a sum of $1.98 million.

  1. The Open Championship

Established in 1860 it is the oldest of all four majors. Regarded as one of the most prestigious of the annual quartet the Open Championship is would initially be held at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland, however, since 1872 it has been held in a rotating manner in the best links courses in the United Kingdom. One of the most notable trophies in the golf world, winners are presented with the Claret Jug.

  1. U.S. Open Championship

Established in the year 1895, although open to amateurs on the condition of clearing the entry criteria, the US Open Championship is a tournament that sees overwhelming participation of golf professionals. Organized by the United States Golf Association the championship takes place at different courses each year, and is distinctively known for having its stroke play tournament be one of the most difficult majors. Having the most notable prize fund of all four majors, post-2019 it has raised to $12.5 million. 2020 winner, Bryson DeChambeau claimed the winner position in 2020, winning by 6 strokes at Winged Foot Golf Club in New York.

  1. Memorial Golf Tournament

One of golf’s most important and cherished tournaments, The Memorial Tournament was founded in 1976 by Jack Nicklaus, a household name among golf legends. Nicklaus built Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio in 1974, naming the facility after Muirfield, Scotland, the site where he won the the1966 British Open, a win that completed his first career Grand Slam. The name “Memorial” for a golf event was chosen as an ode to all the past golfing legends. Subsequently, a tradition of the tournament has been to honor one or two golfing pioneers at the beginning of the tournament, an honor bestowed to express acknowledgment for their contribution to the game. All honorees have presented a plaque that is displayed at the Muirfield clubhouse, right alongside the plaque for the year’s winner. Bobby Jones, who aided the founding of both Augusta National and the Master's tournament, was the first honoree.