8 Celebrities Who Share Our Love Of Golf Playing

8 Celebrities Who Share Our Love Of Golf Playing

Why is golf such a great sport? 

Golf is a popular recreational sport around the world. It is not only a great way to spend time outdoors, make new friends, improve business relationships, relax, and be a fun family activity, but it also has several health benefits

As we all know, sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D produced by the body in response to sun exposure helps regulate calcium and phosphate levels in our bodies, which keep our bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Vitamin D also facilitates the normal functioning of our immune system. 

Another reason why golf is the ultimate outdoor sport is that playing golf is actually good for your heart as it encourages blood circulation and builds muscles. Plus, playing a weekly game of golf can enormously help relieve stress and improve your mental health. This is because you can channel all of your stress and frustration and concentrate on your game. 

Have you ever wondered if your favorite celebrities enjoy the sport just as much as you do? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to go in-depth about your favorite celebrities who love golf. 

Larry David

Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, is an avid golfer. Just like the eponymous character, David occasionally enjoys a game of golf and has even played with President Obama. In an interview with Golf Digest, David described himself as a 15-handicap who can reach several par 4s in two. Why does David, a man who has made his career making light of social conventions, enjoy golf, a game that is built around social conventions? We might never know. 

Nicole Kidman

Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman took up golf because she finds it relaxing. In an interview during the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am 2014, the actress was amongst several stars from the entertainment world and sports world who had gathered on the Chinese holiday island stated that having had a long career, she has realized what's important in life and stated that she plays golf. 

Greg Norman, a retired professional golfer, who helped Kidman with her game, awarded her a 6 out of 10 on her game. Other Hollywood A-list celebrities present at the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am 2014 were Morgan Freeman, Chris Evans, and Jessica Alba. 

Nicole Kidman - Celebs who love playing golf

Eva Longoria

Actress, producer and director Eva Longoria is a staple of the celebrity golf circuit. Longoria has participated in several golf tournaments over the years and was the face of a campaign to raise awareness for ovarian cancer by club-maker Calloway. The Desperate Housewives star is a long-time golf fan and has previously participated in a tournament to benefit the George Lopez Foundation. 

Bill Murray

Bill Murray isn't your regular celebrity golfer. Before becoming a comedic superstar, Murray used to work as a caddy to pay his way through college. These worlds famously collided for Murray when he played the role of Carl Spackler in the hit 1980 comedy Caddyshack. Now, the funnyman is known as the crown prince of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, is a single-digit handicap, and has his own line of clothing for the course. 

Alice Cooper

American rock legend Alice Cooper confesses that he plays golf for at least 300 days a year and has credited golf for helping him overcome his destructive spiral into alcoholism. In 2007, Cooper released a book co-authored by Keith Zimmerman, Kent Zimmerman, and Cooper called Alice Cooper, Golf Monster. In 2014, Cooper nearly became a pro-golfer, with a handicap of four; he even considered playing golf professionally. 

Celine Dion

Canadian singer Celine Dion is an avid golfer and even owns two golf courses. In 2000, when Australian golfer Karrie Webb won the Nabisco Golf Championship, Dion jumped into a pond to congratulate her.

Celine Dion - celebs who loves playing golf 

Snoop Dog

Hip-hop icon Snoop Dog is a passionate golfer who has always been around the game and has man respect for it. In an interview with Men's Journal, Snoop commented that he finds playing golf is a great way to spend time with the boys, have a drink, and make a friendly competition out of it. Snoop said that he'd love to play a round of golf with former President Obama in the same interview. 

Samuel L Jackson

Hollywood legend Samuel L Jackson is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time and has included a clause to allow him to go golfing twice a week in all of his film contracts. Samuel L Jackson has an impressive 6.9 handicap, and he famously accused former President Trump of cheating in the game. 

With this, we conclude our list of celebrities who love golf. For more updates in the world of golf, visit AllTimesGolf today!