8 Jobs In Golf Worth Pursuing

8 Jobs In Golf Worth Pursuing

For many people, golf is a hobby but for some golf is a way of life. For many young golfers, their dream of becoming professional golfers may not come true and the harsh reality is that many of them don’t take a tour. But there is no use in tension, being a professional golfer is not only a golf career. There many jobs on golf courses that you can peruse. Jobs on golf courses are also a great way for making your career.

Top jobs at golf courses

Golf tour professional:

A tour professional is the ultimate golf job career. It is also considered playing as one of the major tours whether they are European or Asian but not everyone makes the cut and luckily there are many other options for others who don’t any financial backup for playing in a high-profile tournament of golf.

For building up earning satellite tours are a great way to head out on major tours.

Managing golf rules official:

If you are interested in the rules of golf then consider this position ideal for you. By being a golf rules official you will be regarded as an important member of the tour. Your job includes providing advice to the professionals when required and you will also help in setting the tournament of the playing for the golf club.

This is also a high paid job at the golf course but it also requires a few skill set that includes experience, the tour, and the tournament you are officiating. Including some advantages, there are also some cons about golf rule official as there is a lot and lot of travel that means you can hardly get a time with your family and friends then, the cost of traveling is not always subsidized so bear the travel in mind if you choose to be golf rule official in your future.

Golf general manager:

For this golf job you typically need to have a degree in business and management or a similar field. A general manager’s duties include entailing operating essentially and running a golf club. So having good knowledge of all aspects of sports from a business standpoint is necessary for this job. The working hours can be long and competitive due to the nature of the position.

Golf head teaching professional position:

The golf head teaching professional overseas the lesson of golf.  Generally, it is assisted by golf retail staff members. This job is the representation of experience and progression including several responsibilities as it plays an important role in the club’s team.  As a head teaching professional most of your time will be spent teaching and playing with junior players and others. The salary package is also good for a life-long golf career.

Golf retail staff members:

If you choose to become a member of retail staff, you are most likely to work in a retail shop or pro shop. You should have a good knowledge of equipment and an understanding of apparel. The salary is now often based on commission so you can earn more by increasing the level of your sales.

Golf sales representative:

This job at a golf course is that you will be the face of the brand that you are mainly representing. It will be part of your job to travel to the areas to which you are assigned. You have to meet the club professionals and general managers to pitch the latest product and innovations of your company.

If you desire to become a sales representative then the opportunity to represent many brands is a bonus. There is no particular salary range as it varies across the market but a basic salary is around $40,000 that depends mainly on the company and the entities you are representing.

Golf marketing director:

As we know the marketplace keeps on becoming more and more competitive and personal marketing is becoming more in demand for golf clubs. With a variety of responsibilities, a marketing role offers this career. The marketing directors and managers are tasked with raising awareness of locals in the brand of the club. They manage databases and create new leads on their initiatives.

Golf consultant:

In the world of golf, the golf consultant is a new post. Being a golf consultant will require a lot of traveling from course to course across the country for offering advice on every aspect of operating and running a golf club. The knowledge of consultants must be broad and should have a good understanding of retail teaching, accounting, managing, and maintenance. If you are capable of finding work consistently and build a sound reputation for yourself in the company then the pay could be quite rewarding.

Other jobs at golf courses

If you had not started your career in golf and want to gain some experience first then here are some of the opportunities for you to try:

  1. Greenkeeping
  2. Marshal
  3. Starter
  4. Player management
  5. Caddy