Best Treatment For Common Injuries While Playing Golf

Best Treatment For Common Injuries While Playing Golf

Golf is played across the country where the player strikes a ball with various clubs from the starting point into a sequence of holes in a teeing ground; this is why golf is also known as Balls and Clubs games. The winner is the one how strokes his ball fastest in the holes.

Moving towards the history of golf which is found to be very ascertained, as the game was first observed in the Netherland, then Scotland, and then in other parts of the world. The found its fame and position in the world in the earlier 20th century.

Driving towards the topic, in this article, we will discuss the Injuries and Treatment that occur due to Playing Golf. 

What Do the Common Injuries that Occur During Playing Golf?

Talking about the golf injuries, there are some acute injuries you can notice, which may be the result of hitting the ground or root of a submerged tree, overuse injuries resulting from a long-time process, and playing. Some common injuries that occur while playing Golf are:

Back Pain:

When you kneel down to improve your swing, your back makes a swing as well, which sometimes gets a jerk.

Cuff injury:

Cuff injury of rotatory cuff injury is normally caused by the four stabilizing muscles located in the shoulders might get displaced due to the high tension of rotation felt while making a shoot. 

Elbow injury:

Elbow injury is classified into two ways, "Golf Elbow Injury" and "Tennis Elbow Injury." Golf Elbow injury refers to the outer tendon, whereas Tennis Elbow injury is referred to as inner tendon. The most common among these two is Tennis Elbow injury, where a person suffers from irritation and inflammation, which founds to be very painful and disturbing.

Wrists injury:

A wrist ligament injury is quite similar to an Elbow injury, but this injury is a severe injury that may affect your ability to play golf or hold something.

More Golf Injuries to Avoid

Causes Why These Injuries Occur?

The reason behind such injuries is found to be very small, which may create future problems, even that you can't even hold your clubs in the near future. These injuries are occurred due to:

  • Flexibility: If your body is not flexible enough, that may lead to more injury. Less flexibility and range of motion may lead to occur severe injury while making a swing or shoot.
  • Unaware about mechanism: There is always a way and science behind the scene or making any swing; one wrong swing may lead to acute injury or overuse injury in the game.
  • Overtime: When we like something, we spend more and more time on it, likewise when we play and make the same moves several times again and again, which may lead to stretch in the muscle and ligament to start paining or swelling.

Best Treatment to Protect Oneself from Injuries:

The more you play, the more you hurt yourself, which never meant that we should stop play, but we can use some measures to protect ourselves from injuries, whether acute or overuse. We will classify the treatment and measurement in two parts; in the first part, we will discuss the measurement we should take while playing golf, and in the other section, we will look into the treatment.


  • Develop better strategy while playing, which decrease the chances of injury to 20%. 
  • Make a proper and light swing while hitting the ball; a harsh hit or rigid hit may lead to severe back pain or wrist injury.
  • The golfer should follow daily and conventional exercise, which makes your body more flexible and fit. The exercise should include decent stretching and bending exercise. 
  • Before making a start, a player should always have a 5 – 10 mins warmup or try to make small shorts that make your body ready for the sports.


  • Medication: In minor injury or pain, the golfer can use an ice cube or ice pack on a certain area. While in severe pain golfer can refer to ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and acetaminophen.
  • Surgery: if the affected area or part gets swell or it is in continuous pain, it is advisable to consult the doctor; if your symptoms do not respond to minor treatment in 6 to 12 months, you can switch to surgery because that is the only option left.


Playing any sports means making your body active and flexible not to have to suffer future consequences. We have covered most of the reasons for injuries, measurements should be taken before playing golf, and treatment should opt for.