Getting Back Into Golf: How To Get Your Golf Game Back After A Break Best

Getting Back Into Golf: How To Get Your Golf Game Back After A Break Best

After a long winter break (which is spread over different parts of the country with different interruptions), almost everyone has some rust in their sport. Here we go. Over the next few weeks, we will answer questions that every golfer marvels at when it comes to speeding up their game on the first team. Today, we discuss the best ways to act after a break.

We have a turbulent month of April behind us, with golf being taken one step at a time in our daily lives. Temperatures are rising, and as the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted in various regions, many people are destroying their clubs and returning to contacts. But with such a long delay until the start of the golf season, there will certainly be something rusty in your game.

So what is the most important thing to return from an extended vacation? We asked about 100 GOLF teachers. Here he said. Read, and play well.

How to discover your contacts

Improve your communication about green through trial and error - the only way to make sense. Repetition promotes rhythm and feeling, so grab a pitcher and start opening up to the rigid contact target. After 20 to 30 shots, try to control the distance. Randomize chips and altitude shots. Hit the stroke to set a stroke lift and landing area that requires a high or low pitcher.

Next, follow the velocity of the pits from different distances in a hole, up, down, and up the hills. Then play the "up and down" game by hitting the chip or height and extinguishing it.

Finally, you will need to run around the neck, especially with the driver. Importers it is important to speed up the effect, but you also need to maintain a dynamic balance and not hurt yourself. Start with a smooth pace of the rhythm, then increase the speed until you hear a loud "bang" through the effect. - Carol Fraser, Managing Director, Kiawah Island Club.

  • In moving things easily

The most important thing when you come back is to do things easily, do not let your enthusiasm overload your body’s physical needs. Most of us have been sitting backward during epidemics and our bodies are not ready to hit the driver at 110 miles per hour right away. A measurable style is needed.

To advise

Finding some good physical exercises is a basic thing you can do before you start warming up. After that, grab some of these hands and start your opening practice session by placing greens, then stick something close. Then move to the driving range, spread it out again, and then make some lighter areas before getting into the bag. Keep expectations low, as it will take some time for your eye to turn. When you get out of there, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the environment in which we are playing our game. It will feel good to be inside. . This is very good if you hit the couple well. Do not play for results, play matches and have fun! - Jonathan Yarwood, IJGA, Director of Golf

  • Start with short shots to get your body working again

When returning from a long golf break, you should maintain a firm, firm touch while avoiding injury. Be sure to warm up your golf movement and exercise to “wake up” your body.

Once your body tells you that you are ready to start rocking, I suggest you look at a small club and less than the whole rocking. Successfully, start graduating with full enthusiasm and get out through your tall clubs. Swinging with a tighter position such as balance exercises and continuous exercises such as swinging in a continuous line can also help create repetition to help you achieve a faster return. If you are tired or need a break between all your swings, you can add short game kicks to the practice session.

Golfers also need to exercise patience and enjoy their good kicks when they return. When a golfer returns after a long break, a good attitude, and appreciation for the return are very helpful. - Kelly Stanzel, Director of Instructions, Boca Raton Resort & Club.

  • Have low expectations and be glad you are back in the game

Between winter and the virus, this has been an extension for many players out there. If you would go out to play, I would be grateful. Be thankful you got out of the game. Enjoy the fresh air, walks and your friends. Low expectations, no worries, try again on the golf course and find the rhythm again. Set small goals. Try and make two pars in a row or two bogies in a row.

  • Practice with planning

"Preparation is not prepared for failure," said Benjamin Franklin.

There is no reason to work on your sense of humor, when you come back from work after a long break, the mechanics of the whole activity, physical fitness, etc., are all very important. The fact that good golf requires so many different skills makes it impossible to know which one is more important. Due to the complexity of the game and what it takes to play well, the most important thing to practice is to have a plan!