How To Play Golf Safely During Coronavirus

How To Play Golf Safely During Coronavirus

Golf is termed as the hardest and most addictive sport ever. It has its beauty and flaws, which makes it attractive and wanted by every athlete. In the movies, we even have seen that men who play golf who are rich and have their golf courts. Many people have golf as their hobby, which they play every day. This game has the basic etiquette that needs to be followed by everyone to be a pro in it, and there is also a dress code that players follow. They wear it and play golf which has its attractiveness. But nowadays, people who love golf are unhappy. Why? Because of COVID-19. Yes, this virus has also hit sports along with everything else.

Golf lovers want a landscape where they can easily play golf, but many states even countries have restricted the courts to play it. There must be some questions in your mind, and we know that. You must be thinking about how golf will change its course, how it will be played in the coming days. We don't know that too, but here is some good news. We have some answers to your questions, and a place at home to play golf since staying at home has become a policy now.

Where can you Play Golf?

Currently, there are in total 16 states where golf is put on hold. They have paused the game, but some state considers non-essential golf business and has allowed being open, thereby ignoring stay-at-home policy. Many states like Connecticut, New York, etc., who are very much prone to COVID-19 are allowing golf to be played with proper measures. This is because, in such states, they do not believe golf to be an essential business, which is why they are allowing golf to operate. 

A Checklist While Playing Golf in COVID-19

As many countries allow open golf, some serious adjustments should be made before allowing people to enter the courts. Following are a checklist below:

Wear a Mask

While going to play golf, make sure to wear a mask all the time. Yes, I mean it. There are a lot of people near you, and it is for your safety as well as there's that you wear a mask. We understand that people who wear glasses might find it difficult to co-operate, but there is no other option. It is for your own best.

Bring Water Bottle with you

During such times, it is not recommended to drink water from public areas. You must stash a water bottle of your own before you leave your home. Many people must be even doing this already, and this reminder is for those who do not carry their water. Courses do not provide drinking stations, so you got to bring them.

Bring a Carry Bag or a Push Cart

A golf cart is now only applicable for only one cart per user. Yes, if you have a partner who you were quarantined, then you both can use one cart. Cart fleets are being worn-out quickly, so you cannot always rent a buggy or trolly to carry you around the court. So, it is recommended to carry a pushcart. Besides, you can also bring a carry bag to easily move following yourself.

Bring a Snack

Many courts are still offering beverages and foods, but they have their little menu. Mostly now, they are allowing drive-thru or take-out rather than dining and having a meal there. They do not carry beverage trolleys around the court. It is probably best if you carry your sandwich or food in case you are not provided with any food there. You can't take any chances when it comes to eating.

Have Fun with Safety

I know it sounds absurd what is fun with safety. What we mean by this is you must keep your hand sanitized all the time and wear a mask. Have fun, play golf but be sure to take proper measures. Bring your towel instead of taking tissues from the court. Bring everything of your own to avoid any uncertainty.

Make Yourself Comfortable with New Conditions

Yes, we know the way you imaged getting back on golf court is not the same as you thought it would be or as it was before everything crumbled. Some changes in the tees are sometimes rough, and fairways are shaggier, green, maybe slower, etc. Many courts are restricted to slow down the maintenance unless you are playing at an elite club. Do not worry about it. Take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable with the new changes, which are in a way good for you.

Bring an Extra TEE

Always remember to bring an extra tee with you. This is not the right time to be asking for a tee from others or searching for a broken one on the ground. Make sure you bring some extra tees with you and also bring extra golf balls too. They will be available somewhere at your home. So, do not forget this. Some people might have a habit of this, but those who do not bring it, remember to bring it with you.

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