What Is A Golf Tee? Why Should Golfers Use Tee When Playing?

What Is A Golf Tee? Why Should Golfers Use Tee When Playing?


If you want to know why golfers use a tee even while playing iron and why you should also use a tee, you have picked the right place. You might have seen people using a tee in a tournament on a TV. Tees come in all shapes and sizes, and they make a difference. Or should golfers use a tee when playing?

Factors like tees height, Material it is made of, and the club used for strokes matter. Although it is not required for golfers to use a tee on tee shots the vast majority of golfers do use a tee.

As Jack Nicklaus (Golf majors champion holding the all-time record with 18 major) says, Air offers less resistance than the ground. You should not ignore someone like him. Should you?

Why do golfers use tee?

Tee provides multiple benefits to a golfer. The most important of them is that it ensures a perfect lie. It helps send the ball high with less backspin thus, giving an advantage. The tee height depends on the kind of shot one is hitting. Teeing a ball helps cover more distance as compared to covering distance on the ground. Golfers want to ensure a perfect clubface to the ball at contact, so to that end, teeing up a ball will minimize any contact with a blade of grass

Another reason for using a tee is that the tee box area is generally elevated turf. As  the tee area is a more compacted surface due to the preparation, rolling before teeing. So the normal function a golf swing to take a divot (after contact with the ball) is decreased by raising of the golf ball. This reduces any chances of damage to the wrists of the golfers, because of the harder tee box surface. Teeing a golf ball also gives a 3-yard advantage.

Types of tees

Telecoms in different sizes colours and shapes. Tee heights matter the most as they determine the projection of your ball. As club heads get bigger and bigger and used now, you need to buy your tee accordingly plus now you have ton of options with each one equipped with features which can give you upper hand without breaking a single rule. There is four current diff type of material used in tees nowadays. USGA rules for playing from different tees as well are discussed. 

Wooden Tees

Wooden Tees

Whenever an average golfer thinks tanks about the only wooden tee comes into his mind because wooden tees have been used in the field for a century now. And most professional golfers use wooden tees. These tees are more common among golfers. The main problem with them is their durability. Wooden tees break rather fast than the others.

Rubber Tees

Reuter’s tees are not something you take in a tournament. Rather you can take them on a driving range. People use them because they are cheap and durable, as the name suggests, rubber-not breakable. 

Bamboo Tees

As the name suggests, they are made out of bamboo. The reason people use these tees because they are more durable than wooden ones. But they are more expensive than the wooden tees.

Plastic Tees

These tees are made of plastic, as the name suggests. This is something those people use who break tees more often.

Aside from above mention characteristics, there are some other types of tees that have nothing to do with hitting the ball; instead, they represent something like course makers. There are different types of tees representing course makers.

Blue Tee

Blue Tee

You might have heard about a Blue tee. What are the blue tees in golf? Blue tee creators denote the teeing ground used for local or club championship play in tournaments, and Blue Tee is the tee used by skilled players who have a low handicap. Blue tee is almost always the longest yardage for each hole unless the course has black or gold tees.

Gold Tee

 If you have been following golf for quite some time, you might have heard about Gold tees. What are the gold tees in golf? Gold tee, referred to as black tees, is usually used for championships, such as professional or strong amateur tournaments. Most courses are not equipped with this set of tees as very few courses will hold serious tournaments. After reading this, you would know the gold tees in golf.

White Tees

White tee represents the teeing ground used most often by men, usually those with middle or whitecaps. This tee is always in the middle tee between the championship and ladies tee and is called the "men's tee.”

Red Tee

Here comes another interesting tee you probably do not know about, the “Red Tee.” Red tees usually represent two meanings used after the white tees. They represent championship. While most commonly they are used by women's earning the name, women's tee usually offers the shortest yard on the course.

Here AllTimesGolf have discussed what the gold tees in golf are, importantly, the blue tees in golf. Also, I have briefed you about USGA rules for playing from different tees.

So, this was the blog article on different tees and why they are used!