8 Of Your Favorite Games To Play On The Golf Course

8 Of Your Favorite Games To Play On The Golf Course

Golf is the most enjoyable sport on the face of the earth, but as we all know, it can be frustrating. Even more frustrating is looking at your scorecard at the end of the round to see all the bogies and the final score. It's about like seeing at your bank account following a long night.

Regardless, your era is not so frustrating. Most amateur golfers think you have to score every time you hit a link, which is not always the case.

There are lots of fun games to play around with. Instead of trying to shoot yourself with the lowest score, relax a bit and enjoy your round while trying to earn some money from your game.

You may be familiar with standard play formats such as scumbles, match play, and stroke play, so here are some of the more common Games to Play on the Golf Course.

8 Golf Games You Can Play Now

1: Nassau

This is one of the most famous games you can try. You can play a foursome for individual and team matches.

Nassau is a very popular golf game that is very easy to understand.

The winning players or teams on each side collect a fixed amount of prize money. The beauty of this game is that You can play it in almost any format.

2: Skins Game

If you are looking for an intense game to make money, 'Skins' is the perfect shape. Golfers decide what the price of the skin will be and then compete for that amount on each hole.

The skins are similar to the match play where the golfer wins the hole instead of counting the total score. In skins only, there are no halves or ties. If golfers tie on the fur hole, the cash reaches the next hole and doubles in value.


Bingo, Bingo, Bongo is a point game that you can play with two golfers and more.

There are three ways to collect points on each hole depending on whether you get bingo, bingo, or bongo.

  • Bingo - The first golfer to get his ball on the green
  • Bingo - Once the goals are green, move closer to the pin
  • Bongo - Golfer for the first hole

Increase the number of points for each golfer at the end of the round and collect your winning (or losing).


Snake is an exciting game for amateur golfers to help them avoid the terrifying triplets. This group starts with deciding on the amount to bet on the group.

Every time a golfer has three pits, they become a new snake. After every three Pitts, a new snake is formed and whoever is at the end of the round has to pay the other golfers in the group the amount originally agreed upon.


This is one of the most common Games to Play on the Golf Course. Playing amidst a vigilance Pro is probably my favorite in all sports; the wolf covers everyone and is for golfers of every skill level. However, this cannot be very clear, so stay tuned.

Each hole in the group starts with a golfer called a "wolf" and rotates each hole.

After the last time, the wolf saw the fourth, every golfer in the group aimed his tee shot. After each shot, the wolf decides whether to team up with the golfer or watch the next shot.

6: 9-point game

This is a game of three golfers, in my opinion. Each hole has a grip of nine points, and whoever collects the most points while winning the goal. You can play for a certain amount per bet or bet that the bottom point earner pays a certain amount to the winner. Points can be allocated to the following holes:

7: 6-6-6

To play a four, you have to change partners in a great game, in which you have to change 18 hole-outs in three or six-hole matches. Normal rotation (if in vehicles) is to cart for the first match, drivers vs. riders and driver/rider vs. driver/rider.

This can be pleasant because the changes in the partnership mean a change in the dynamics from one stage of the goal to another. A dominant player can be really clean, while anyone who struggles all day and has albatross around the necks of all three partners can lose in several ways.

8: Rabbit

The first player to score the lowest score on the hole catches the rabbit (not the relationship). Then the rabbit can win the next player to get the lowest score (again, no relationship) on a hole. Before any other player can become a "rabbit bearer," he must be released.


These are the Best Games to Play on the Golf Course. Here is a list of the eight best golf games you will consider next time you hit the course with your favorite four.