[Golf Advice] 10 Golf Tips That Actually Help To Play Golf Better

[Golf Advice] 10 Golf Tips That Actually Help To Play Golf Better

You are always looking for more tips that help you in improving your game and shoot lower scores. Golf has a reputation for being something of an elite sport, played by aging men. Starting golf can be intimidating with the presence of a more experienced player who is always lingering in the back of your mind. No one likes or wants to spend their time through the rough or bunker looking for their ball, much less on the world-class resort. So for helping you, ten best tips help you in playing golf better, which are as given below:

Play the Right Equipment

One of the best and the important tip is to play with the right equipment. If you are playing blades or unforgiving clubs and shooting in the 90s, then you are making your golf even harder. Instead of that, play with the right club which will suit your ability. Nowadays, who cares if someone's friends give them grief for carrying hybrids or a seven wood instead of the long irons. The only thing that matters is your score.

Don't Let Anger Get In The Way.

Imagine that you are hitting a really bad shot, then what is your reaction? Do you make it personal and get mad at yourself, as if you are the only golfer to hit an embarrassing shot ever? or do you laugh it off and focus on your next shot.

If you want to become a better golfer, you have to understand that bad shots are part of golf. Even the best players still hit bad shots, and they get paid millions of dollars to play this crazy sport. So it is recommended to don’t frustrate.

Keep track of Your Weaknesses:

Whether you play every day, every weekend, or just every so often, if you want to see the improvement over time, you will need to keep track of your round-by-round performance to work out what you need the most. Also, keep track of how many fairways you have hit from the tee, how many greens in regulation you get, and all the things you have improved and weaknesses. As noting down and as well as your overall score to the get the better over time.

Swing Around Your Body

When you are taking your practice, you have to swings on the tee and swing the clubhead several inches off the ground. Doing so will encourage you to swing more around your body, which will help in increasing your clubhead speed and also add distance. When you are at the range, then spend more time with your driver and woods than the rest of the long clubs in your bag. You will be hitting these clubs more frequently than your 5 or 6 iron so give them a good workout.

Choke Up On The Club

Sliding the hands down on the golf club can provide you with a more consistent ball contact and feel of the clubface. So it is highly recommended to start choking up more when you are hitting with the longer irons, fairway woods, and the driver to start honing in the hand-eye coordination and the timing of the full swing.

Tee The Ball Higher With The Diver

If your golf ball is not getting enough height off the tee, it can be effective to tee the ball up higher when hitting the driver. Drivers these days are made having very large club heads to increase the consistency and proper ball contact. Furthermore, you have to compensate by teeing the ball up higher to properly utilize the driver’s loft because of how large the heads are.

Take Private Lessons

It is a great way to learn how to swing your club from a golf professional. These professionals know that what they are doing and have been golfing for many years. It can be very expensive. It can cost you from $100 to $200 per session. If the money is not a concern for you, then it would be the best option for someone, at least for the beginning.

Teach Yourself

If you want to save money, then this is one of the best options for you. You can always teach yourself. It may take a long time to learn, but it’s free, and there are many great resources online that can help you. Especially on YouTube, you will find great videos that will help you learn, so it is one great way to save money and learn golf.

Practice Your Short Game

One of the easiest ways to improve your score is to practice the shots around the green. It is best to spend time on the chipping green, hitting different flop shots, bump and runs, and bunker shots. The key here is to practice more and more.

Don't Be Pressured By Other Golfers

As long as you are not playing at a particularly slow pace, don't feel pressured by other senior golfers. If you want to allow them to pass by to get on with your game without being watched, then fair enough, but there is no reason that they should have the right to expect to barge past.